Super Spiel by MaximilianTuma

1A Spiel. Macht viel Spaß


Wirklich super! by stneo

Ein geniales Spiel, optimal auf mobile gaming angepasst. Kann man nur weiterempfehlen.


Geniales Game! by Gottfather1

Ich habe im Podcast von Shock2 erfahren das es dieses Spiel gibt!Da es nur gelobt wurde wollte ich es mir ansehen und siehe da die top Bewertungen sind gerechtfertigt!Es ist ein Geniales Spiel und man muß es einfach gespielt haben !Super Steuerung und Grafik und einfach herrlich lustige Texte !Danke an das ein Mann programmier Team, tolle Arbeit !Hoffe auf eine Fortsetzung, lg!Awesome


Nice Space Shooter by raydoo-

funny ideas and loveable cast make this little game stand out from the rest.


Top Space Shooter! by Ischbitz

Macht Spaß. Das Spiel inkl. Sound, Grafik, Gameplay etc. wurde von nur einer Person entwickelt. Maximum Respekt! Besser gehts nicht!


Very nice Space-Opera… by Markus Kraxner

if you ever enjoyed Wing Commander you can buy this game blindly.


Cooles Spiel by FFMSEB

NegativLeider ist das Spiel nur in englischer Sprache. Mir passt das aber vom Level ganz gut.Positiv:Gute Story - erinnert stark an die alten Wing Commander Spiele.Steuerung - klappt überraschend gut, man kann richtige Dogfights erleben.Umfang - man bekommt viele Missionen für den PreisMobil Gaming - die einzelnen Missionen sind vom der Länge her passend für den Weg ins Büro.


Tolles Spiel by Certif

Tolles Weltraum-Shooter mit Wing Commander Anleihen. Spielemechanik und Steuerung funktionieren. Leider ist der Storytext in sehr sehr schwierigem Englisch, von dem ich vielleicht 20% verstehe. Leider, denn dort scheint viel Liebe im Detail zu stecken. Auch fehlt mir ein Cloudsync des Savegames. Würde gerne zwischen iPad Mini und iPhone wechseln.


Space-shooter by René Gruber

toll funktionierendes gameplay. auch der rest gefällt!


Top Spiel. Ohne in App Käufe 😀 by Chriss Ninja

Ein Mann Projekt. Alle Achtung.


Schön gemacht by mf76130

Gute Musik, schöne Grafik, Steuerung ist auch sehr gut, nur die Missionen sind zu kurz


cool game! by Ace Ferrara

easy to start, and nice balanced troughout the game! … also the story is nice … and ALL made by ONE single guy!?


Sans pretentions et "silly" : excellent by SuronomNaze

Ce jeu est clairement un travail de passionne, et quand on voit qu'il a ete ecrit-dessine-code-mis en musique par un gars tout seul, il est dur de ne pas etre partial...L'histoire est completement idiote. Le jeu se joue par niveaux de quelques minutes. Il est plutot extremement facile, en tout cas dans les 10 premieres missions...Attention: jeu en Anglais. A noter: pas d'achats integres, et c'est un plaisir...


Rad by abdrakadabra :)

Really, rad. They not only say so in the game, but it also describes it radically well :)


норм by Firestarter1[RUS]

прошел за пару дней. управление не самое удобное, но сойдет.


Worth your time by TeddJennings

Great simple game with charming character and story. Found it surprisingly funny! Character banter is fantastic. Definitely worth your time if you enjoy space and cats.

Good old space shooter! by BrainBug2010

If you grew up playing Wing Commander and are a fan of Futurama this well made game is definitely a must have!


Tolles Spiel! by Chrs1234

Für meinen Geschmack anfangs etwas zu leicht, aber insg. ein superlustiges Spiel mit Wahnsinns-Liebe zum Detail!


Epic by Lysander600

This game is awesome.


Great gameplay and silliness by Le Chilvaguera

Controller support is excellent, even with the basic controller. The gameplay is fun and quick, the tutorials well paced, the difficulty curve is slow enough for young players and it gets to be quite challenging. The writing is brilliantly silly, too.


Weltraumshooter mit Humor by ***Me¥¥£$

Abwechslungsreich trotz Beschränkung auf zwei Dimensionen, Story hat Charme (und Ironie)...


Sehr unterhaltsam! by debagel

Witzig erzählte Story, unterhaltsames Gameplay.


Charming little space shooter by Noel Weichbrodt

A lot of love & craft went into this game. A slight little number, but not every shooter needs to be Bioshock-level of brooding atmosphere & curdled ambition. It's like the She & Him of games.


An outstanding effort by Poppichicken

A really fun game that is taken to a whole other level courtesy of its excellent writing. I've found myself taking in the storyline just because it is so much fun (and funny!). Here's hoping for a sequel someday.


Cute concept, boring gameplay by noahsam

Boy, there are a lot of great reviews for this game... so I'm surprised that there are few mentions of the gameplay itself (which should have been a red flag). I was surprised to discover that this "Outer Space Dogfighting" game is merely a flat-planed toggle-on-and-never-turn-off shooter... an utterly rudimentary game with absolutely no skill required... or challenge presented. I don't think updates can fix this one. It's a shame, because the concept is great... but unless you're interested in slogging through mediocre and repetitive missions through a 2-dimensional flat universe, move on.


A really fun game with minor flaws. by Jfarteaga

If you ever wondered what Wing Commander would have been like as an 80's cartoon, then you are a weirdo, but you are the kind of weirdo who would enjoy this game.The game is fun, but sometimes it feels more like bumper cars dogfighting than Red Baron. Despite this, the writing more than makes up for it.


Awesome by Danomb

I loved this game very clever and fun awesome idea


Super great fun time by Fgjfjdvdkm

I would give it ten stars if i could


Very fun space shooter!!! by Cruz30

Love the graphics, game plays without hiccups! Fantastic, love the 80s space adventure feel to it! Awesome job developers! Keep up the great work!


Wonderful by superlime

You can tell when a game is made with love, and Mr. Philipp Seifried obviously poured his heart and soul into this thing. It's funny (gut-wrenchingly at times), beautiful, and fun. It just oozes quality out of all its outer-space-loving little crevices. Well done sir! I am definitely supporting all future projects. This is a must-buy.


Enjoyable for Sure! by Mr JMan

This is a very simple game and not that advanced. But I must admit it is good fun and I really am enjoying it.It has a simple story, and some interesting characters. I do find myself always wanting to see what will happen next. It's one of those games where you just leave all seriousness at the door before you go in.The levels are usually a bit short a times but I guess that is good. It is not very hard but I will see when I reach the end.The way that the developer asks you to give a review was creative too so thumbs up for that!I recommend it if you want just a great chill out game that's not amazing but it is very fun to work through. Also support the developer because I would love to see more... There was a hint at expansion packs!


Excellent!! Updates ASAP plse by Tryffan

Just the kind of space romp adventure I've been looking for on ios for a long time. Please update with new missions ASAP!! Much fun to be had!!


Super by goatfreed

Wing Commander mit Dinos!!!! Toll gemachter 80ies style Shooter.


new standard! by Joachim54321

that gane sets a new before unthinkable standard in the dinosaurs-in-space shooter genre!


Wonderful space operetta! by Clodkinski

PROS: Witty dialogues and a roster of memorable characters. Evokes memories of the genres past greats without having to rely on retro aesthetics. Suitable to be played in short sessions. Did I mention it has barrel rolls?CONS: Depicts dinosaurs primarily as the aggressor in the human vs. dinosaur conflict. Historically not accurate!


Don't waste your money by DeHelix

This game has terribly naff cut scenes followed by what could be great space action if you could just move in more than one plane. Yes, that right, or even left, but not up or down! How crazy is that? I checked the controls menu and unless I am blind or totally useless (and I am a certified failure at Elite) but I cannot see any controls for up and down. So why set the game in space in the first place when most of it is inaccessible? Steer clear (pun intended) of this one.


Fun and polished by toteesmells

Awesome little game. Well-written, controls great, and there are dinosaurs flying spaceships. I'm not sure what else you would want in a game.


So Much Fun by Ty B

I love a game with a good sense of humor. Mix that with some amazing outer space battle and you've got an awesome game. Loving this.


One of the top games of the year by Beardsley123rww

Amazingly funny dialog AND great gameplay


A definite winner by Henry.snapper

A must play, love the quirky story line and the controls are very smooth. However, the game would be a hit for me if you could upgrade, customise the ship, etc. Overall, still love the game. Can't wait for more!


Simple by justdeath

I will see. It is pretty simple.


Fantastic by Werthers Originals

Loads of fun, Wing Commander style combat, dinosaurs in capes, humor... Love it!!!


Fantastic! by Reilly S

Great game, humorous, and an amount of polish you don't see very often!


Great & Hilarious Space Sim by KMAlexander

Absolutely LOVING this game. Not only is it hilarious, it’s also beautiful, and a lot of fun. The controls are simple to grasp and the gameplay has that right amount of challenge that keeps me hungry to play more and more.


Wonderful by superlime

You can tell when a game is made with love, and Mr. Philipp Seifried obviously poured his heart and soul into this thing. It's funny (gut-wrenchingly at times), beautiful, and fun. It just oozes quality out of all it's outer-space-loving little crevices. Well done sir! I am definitely supporting all future projects. This is a must-buy.

awesome! by jonanet

einfach großartig.


wing commander spielmechanismus fuer tablets byRaidenfighterKirkov

wer zu dos zeiten begeistert kilrathis bekaempfte sollte sich den weltraumkampf gegen die boesen dinos zu gemuete fuehren.die steuerung nuetzt sehr gut die tabletmoeglichkeiten aus. sie ist vielleicht eine spur zu simpel gehalten, dafuer funktioniert sie aber exakt.die weltraumgrafik kann vor allem in den hoeheren levels begeistern. die musik ist gefaellig und die zwischensequenzen im comiclook sorgen fuer so manchen schmunzler.


Dinosaurs - in Space! by lfittl

Love this game - money well spent :)Features a great 80s style science fiction story about how the dinosaurs are going to get back to earth.In a spaceship. As your enemy.Great combat handling, especially like the barrel rolls for shooting those dinosaurs down.


Guter Shooter by Marc Troy

Endlich wieder Katzen in Space - seit Wing Commander. Das Game hat überraschend lustige Dialoge - normalerweise klicke ich die immer durch die Story zwischen den Actionsequenzen bei Smartphone games.


Really really fantastic by Jklfuyfjbxhdjferwfhhvxcc

Very funny dialogue combines with great space combat to make one of the most enjoyable games on iOS. Highly recommended!


Great game! by MistaBoswell

Loving it so far! Love the commentary and aesthetics! Hope they make more content!