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"Both the plot and actual features of the game truly reveal the amount of heart and soul that was poured into it."
- AppAdvice ★★★★★, Game of the Week

"A Heinously Good Time"
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The Game



"Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" is a space combat game set in an 80s cartoon universe: Spacefaring dinosaurs have declared war on mankind and only the Proton Riders - an oddball group of superpilots - can save Earth from certain defeat!


Ace Ferrara just scored the most prestigious internship in the galaxy: aboard the Proton Riders' flagship Discordia. However, between escorting coffee freighters and manning the fax machine, Ace soon discovers that being an intern among his heroes isn't quite what he dreamed it would be...




"Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" is out now on iOS (iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or newer) and Android (Nexus 4/7 or similarly powerful devices)!




Strike huge capital ships, patrol unknown space, navigate mine fields and take out enemy aces! I've carefully designed "Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" to work great with touchscreens:

Steering is restricted to left/right, but barrel rolling and other maneuvers more than make up for the missing degrees of freedom... Hit the afterburner to get close to your enemies, switch on your guns and circle around them, or take them out with your missiles, all while keeping a close eye on your ship's different shield quadrants!




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Copyright 2013, Philipp Seifried

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"Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace" was created by Philipp Seifried. I've developed the game by myself, including all graphics, code, music, writing and cat-petting.

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